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Meet the Committee: Riki Neill, Director of RNN Communications

Get to know the PRCA Northern Ireland Committee for 2021 in a special 'Meet the Committee' series. 

Q&A with Riki Neill, Director of RNN Communications.


Tell us a little about your current role and career?

I’m Founder of RNN Communications, an agency that I started in 2013.  I founded RNN as I wanted to create an awesome comms agency that valued its people first and worked in partnership with clients to create epic campaigns that really deliver.

We work across Ireland for brands and companies, both on and offline, we work in the renewables sector and in the past year, are now delivering digital campaigns for clients in several European countries.

My career path is a little unusual in that I have a degree in Fine Art. From that, I studied at Ulster University for a MSc in Communications, Advertising & PR, and then joined agency life. I love agency – I love the cut and thrust of agency life, the energy and the hugely diverse client base. 

Is there any aspect of the your job you particularly enjoy? And any aspect you don't enjoy?

Creativity. For me, it’s about the big idea. I seriously loving creating a concept, bringing it to fruition, being part of the execution and measuring the impact of our campaigns on our clients’ businesses – be it their sales, awareness, reach - whatever the specific goals may be.

I don’t enjoy, and now avoid at all costs, working with businesses who view PR & Comms as a press release or photocall. True, purpose-led communications can have a significant impact on businesses and organisations and this is where we sit – with clients who value our counsel, ideas and work in partnership with us. 

What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Find your passion. We work for approximately 40 plus years of our life. We have one life. Find your passion and enjoy every day.  For me, comms and PR have delivered so many opportunities and I’m forever grateful for my experiences to date and what lies ahead. 

Why did you decide to join the PRCA NI Committee?

We live and breathe in a diverse society. We work with brands and organisations to reach and connect with their publics. It’s integral that our comms sector is reflective of this, embracing diversity in all of its guises. For many people, PR & Comms just isn’t a career consideration and yet, there’s so much potential. The PR & Comms is wide-reaching - our committee’s experience embodies this – and I hope that our work on the committee can reach audiences, communicate the value of communications and all that it has to offer as an amazing career choice.

Will you take away any positives from the past 12 months?

Focus on what you can control and spot the opportunities. Be grateful for what you have and alter your perspective. It’s your choice on how your day goes so use your mind wisely (and take care of it), it’s the most powerful instrument that any of us possesses.


Follow Riki on Twitter: @RikiNeill.