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Moving from Internal Communications to Employee Engagement


28 May 2020







Getting the best from the workforce is not a ‘nice to have’ it is essential. Employees are the businesses biggest asset and if they are fully supportive and involved it can magnify what is achieved. They are the people making daily contact with customers and service users so when the interaction is good it builds confidence in the business. The key is to move from broadcasting to staff to engaging and involving them. The time is right to stop talking about pushing messages through channels and to start identifying how to give employees a stake in the business.

Event Type: Webinar

Address: Online, Online

Places available: 50

Places remaining: 30

Trainer: Amanda Coleman FPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

*The course fee advertised includes a 50% discount in order to continue to support businesses during this period of disruption.*

Do you understand the difference between internal communication and employee engagement? Do you know what help is available to make the move? Are you and your organisation ready to make the change?

The online seminar will take you through ways to move from internal communication activity through to building employee engagement for the future.


How delegates will benefit

  • Learn what employee engagement is
  • Identify  the conditions they need to make the move
  • Understand the barriers and how to overcome them
  • Learn how to build employee engagement
  • Find out how others are making the change


What delegates will learn

  • How to approach developing employee engagement
  • What opportunities exist and how to utilise them
  • How to move from focusing on broadcast to engagement


At the end of the session the aim is for delegates to have an understanding of the difference between internal communication and employee engagement.  They should be able to recognise the steps needed to make a change to involving the workforce. They should have an understanding of how to start to make the move to engagement and how to build on what opportunities they have available.