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Lead Generation - Planning for gold


04 May 2021




Virtual Classroom



With the PR profession facing the toughest economic landscape in living memory, finding new business opportunities and developing prospects will not just be necessary to grow – it will be vital for the survival of your agency.

And, with ever more agencies chasing a shrinking pool of prospects, with tighter budgets to spend, prospecting for new business leads will start to resemble panning for gold as agencies try to search out new clients and hidden budgets.

This half day PRCA workshop on prospecting for new business will equip you with the strategies, tactics and tools to more effectively find new business leads and develop real sales opportunities.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Places available: 10

Places remaining: 1

Trainer: Steve Dunne FPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

How attendees will benefit:

Delegates will learn how to find existing, and generate new, business leads for their agency and qualify those prospects to turn them into a valuable client.  They will learn how to develop a proven “seek and search” approach, utilize new business development strategies and to deploy the tactics to create a steady new business pipeline for their agency.  Exploring the various tools available to deploy the delegate will ensure a proactive and successful new business approach to help their agency keep the life blood of new business flowing towards their organisation.


Who should attend:

Anyone responsible for, or involved in, generating new business or developing existing sales leads for their company.


What delegates will learn:


  • Panning for gold – How to find viable new prospects for your agency
  • Targeting new prospects – qualifying new clients and developing a strategy for approaching them
  • Sparking interest and getting on their radar – how to get prospects interested in you and your agency
  • Developing and building a non-pressure relationship that wins trust and a desire to do business with your agency
  • Moving the prospect along the sales path subtly
  • Tools and tactics to deploy for your strategy – both online and off line.
  • Measuring and evaluating success.



About the Trainer:

Steve Dunne is an experienced PR practitioner who has built and grown four PR agencies to become the biggest players in their respective market sectors. Through that time Steve learnt and developed a range of new prospect seek and search strategies and tactics that helped him grow his businesses through tough recessions and economic downturns.