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Honing Your Copywriting Skills


25 Aug 2021




Virtual Classroom

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Gone are the days when PR executives only wrote press releases, articles and case studies. Today’s professionals are also expected to write copy for the web, social media, blogs, newsletters, emailers and even sales and advertising materials.

Run by a professional copywriter, this interactive one day workshop uses discussions, examples, exercises, feedback and tricks of the trade to show you how to write engaging and effective copy for almost anything.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop doesn't cover press releases. For training on writing press releases please see 'writing effective press releases'.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Places available: 8

Places remaining: -1

Trainer: Lorraine Forrest-Turner MPRCA

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Event Overview

How attendees will benefit
You’ll feel more confident in your abilities and be able to produce a wide range of PR and marketing materials in less time. People will respond more quickly to your writing – and in the way you hoped.  You’ll be able to adapt your natural writing style to suit different mediums and messages. And you’ll be able to edit your own and other people’s copy more easily and more effectively.
Who should attend
This course is aimed at experienced writers who really want to up their game.
What attendees will learn

  • How to write copy that makes your target audience think, feel or do exactly what you want them to think, feel or do
  • The difference between copywriting and normal business writing
  • Why writing press releases is not copywriting
  • The essential ingredients of great (as opposed to just good) writing
  • The seven steps to successful copywriting
  • How to find the right message and then stay focussed
  • Why nouns and verbs are more effective than adjectives and adverbs
  • How to banish clichés and create original, effective copy
  • How to engage your reader from start to finish
  • How to use creative writing to make dull subjects interesting
  • How to adapt your natural writing style to suit different subject, audiences, messages, mediums and objectives
  • The different templates for structuring blog posts, emailers, web copy and social media
  • How to write attention grabbing headlines

Special delegate instructions
You should bring with you one short piece of pre-written copy so your trainer can read it on the day and give you feedback. You might also want to bring a piece of current work that you would like to use as a writing exercise. Alternatively, you can use the generic exercises provided.