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PRCA Creative Marketing Council event: COVID. What have we won and lost?


29 Apr 2021







PRCA Creative Marketing Council event

Online: COVID What have we won and lost?

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Online, Online

Event Overview

In every momentous occasion, there are winners and losers. Some thrive and some fail. Some seize the new opportunities; some bury their heads. 

COVID has created the catalyst for seismic shifts in behaviours, ways of working, relationships; and how marcomms is delivered and consumed. It has presented lots of challenges, of course, but it has also created an opportunity.

As the UK starts its measured withdrawal from lockdown, we are taking the opportunity to review what we have learnt, what we have won and what we have lost.

What ways of working, tools and techniques do we want to retain? What, quite frankly, can we not wait to get rid of? What are the key learnings we need to embed into our own behaviours as well as into the planning and execution of campaigns?

Chaired by Paul Williamson, this roundtable discussion and will feature contributions from Nick Lovett, MD of M.3 Agency, Ayẹni Adékúnlé, Founder/CEO at BlackHouse Media, and David Tarbuck, Director of Communications at Salisbury Group.

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This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.