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PRCA Americas Conference 2021


01 Jun 2021







1st June: 3pm -7pm BST
2nd June: 1pm - 5pm BST

This conference will be held virtually.

Event Type: Conference

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Event Overview

Post Pandemic Public Relations: From Crisis to Opportunity

Public relations and strategic communications has never been more relevant to business and society.

The global pandemic and civil unrest that marred 2020 gave organizations a reality check on the importance of building meaningful, two-way relationships with stakeholders.

Communications professionals will play a front-line role in rebuilding the fractured global economy but our ability consolidate our position as strategic advisors over the next 12 months will have seismic implications for the future of practice.

Join us on the 1st and 2nd June 2021 as we gather industry leaders, pioneers and influencers from across North and South America operating at the forefront of modern communications. We’ll explore how brands and organisations can build trust in a post-pandemic world, as well as the role of PR professionals in encouraging businesses to embrace environmental social governance (ESG).


DAY ONE – 1st June, 2021: Timings 15:00 – 19:00





Francis Ingham, Director General, PRCA




Keynote: APCO Action on Climate Change: What New and Proposed Policies Mean for Business

Margery Kraus, Founder and Executive Chairman, APCO Worldwide




Keynote: Organizational cultures for PR pros to be wary of, in relation to workplace bullying, ethical misconduct, and retaliation.


Dr Dorothy Suskind, Assistant Professor of Education, Longwood University, Virginia




Panel Discussion with the Museum of Public Relations




20 minute break



Keynote: American Identities in Crisis: Why Racial Categories in the U.S. Decennial Census Matter to Corporate Public Relations

BeyLing Shah Dean, College of Communications, California State University, Fullerton

Understanding interpersonal and systemic racism requires first an understanding of race, which in the United States has been constructed and labeled by the decennial census mandated in Article I, Section 2 the U.S. Constitution. Historically, census race categories have both defined and been defined by demographic shifts, geo-political considerations, and prevailing social concerns of the day. This keynote reviews the history of racial categories in the census, interrogates what they mean for U.S. national identity, and explains why global corporations should care in this latest moment of racial reckoning and diminished democracy.




Keynote:  Breaking through the metric noise

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director, AMEC

Now, more than ever professionals are looking to refine and develop the metrics that matter for their organization. During this session we will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of this process and how to cut through the noise.




Keynote: Challenges and opportunities in a diverse economical and political scenario of Latin America

Everton Schultz, President and Partner of Agora Strategic Communications and Public Affairs.



Conference Close


DAY TWO – 2nd June 2021: Timings 13:00 – 17:00








Keynote from Senior Vice President and Group Head, Corporate Reputation - FleishmanHillard




Keynote: A new information literacy agenda

Maria Laura Garcia, President, FIBEP

In times of profound and accelerated transformations, our way of consuming information has also changed. However, in many cases we continue to think of information as if its ecosystem was still the same. A fundamental question then arises: How can we readapt ourselves to this new reality without confusing, losing or leaving aside valuable sources that could broaden our vision and prevent us from ending up hostage to our own information bubble? In this talk we will discuss the best ways to approach the wide range of information available in the age of infodemic, our unconscious biases, and how this ever-changing information universe poses a major challenge for media intelligence and PR companies that we must face together to be as resilient as possible.




Kelly Fletcher, CEO Fletcher Marketing PR and co-host of the “Ms. InterPReted” Podcast, will co-present with Melissa Carter, co-host of “The Friendzy” Podcast and also a member of Atlanta’s first-ever LGBTQ Advisory Board     

Reaching the diverse age 50+ female consumer market.



30 minute break




In Conversation with…

Kristy Zach, Marketing Sciences and Technology Analyst, SAS and Alison Williams, Director of Client Services, UK & USA, CARMA                                       

SAS’s COVID Communications Strategy: A Measurable Success

When an organization has to pivot in the face of a crisis like Covid-19, that’s where quality measurement really shines – providing vital insights to adjust strategy and reset goals to meet the moment. Kristy and Alison will discuss how the communications team at SAS:

•        Pivoted a major annual event with a date-driven strategy

•        Measured and reported meaningful results back to the business

•        Leveraged their measurement programme around SAS’s Covid response to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders across the business




Keynote from Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D, APR, President and CEO, Institute for Public Relations




Keynote from LaShonda Eaddy, Ph.D, APR, Assistant Professor in Public Relations, Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, Penn State University



Conference Close  


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