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Creative group Event- It’s great up North


21 Jul 2022







Creative group Event- It’s great up North

21st July

Time: 5.00 pm GMT

Event Type: Group Event

Event Overview

London – and particular Soho and Shoreditch – have long been home to outstanding creative agencies and the promised land for those fresh in the industry to make their creative mark.

However, the creative scene in the North of England is (and has been for some time) a real hotbed of creative talent so is it time for creatives in the North to think about staying in the North rather than feeling they need to cut their creative teeth in London to prove their worth? Is it time that UK PR agencies started to think seriously about setting up homes outside of London or at least opening ‘hub’ offices outside of the Soho bubble? Should we as an industry be embracing more creatives from a wider cross-section of the country, rather than just those in the capital? Could this lead to a great diversity of ideas and better work?

In this panel, we will explore what makes working and living in the North great and will discuss the role that agencies and PR pros in the North will have in the future of our industry.


Talking points:

  • The benefits of being a creative and living in the North
  • Do those looking to cut their creative teeth need to move to London to do so?
  • Can living in the UK’s Northern cities offer a different type of creativity?
  • Does it even matter where in the UK, or the world, you are based?
  • Can London based creatives understand cultural insights in the North or do you need to live there to truly understand?
  • Does regional bias exist and if so, how do we push it out?
  • Does it matter to clients that they have an agency with a London footprint due to proximity to media?
  • In the next 10 years do we expect creative departments in PR agencies to be more evenly spread across the UK?

Speakers: TBC

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.