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Mind the PR Gap 2022- Being human: Making sense in a world of change


13 Jul 2022







Mind the PR Gap 2022- Being human: Making sense in a world of change

Wed, 13 July 2022
13:00 – 14:30 BST

Event Type: Industry Event

Event Overview

Mind the PR Gap is a free online conference discussing contemporary PR and communication topics to offer a clear agenda for change.

About this event
PR Academy, in partnership with the University of Greenwich, is hosting Mind the PR Gap 2022, a free online conference open to PR and communication practitioners, academics, researchers and students.

The topic - Being human: Making sense in a world of change - calls for communicators to be less concerned about their place as strategic managers and attend instead to complex leadership issues and interconnections by being human ‘in the world’.

Details of the conference theme and confirmed speakers are provided below. 

Places are limited, so book early.

Mind the PR Gap 2022:
The event's interactive and collaborative format discusses contemporary topics to offer a clear agenda for change, and generate new insights that will inform research and practice.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the inaugural 'Mind the PR Gap' conference that took place at City University Birmingham in 2017.

The goal of Mind the PR Gap 2022 is to enable communicators to help organisations be more human and relate better to the natural environment and others’ lived experiences (including non-humans).

Conference theme: Being human: Making sense in a world of change
Speakers will address three worldwide changes that challenge the established strategic management focus of PR academia and practice:

1. Speed and scope of technological developments, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). Speaker: Simon Collister PhD

2. Pressures and expectations of activism and polarisation of perspectives. Speaker: Carol Stephenson PhD

3. Complexity of issues affecting organisations, people, non-humans and natural environments.

These changes separately and together have a disruptive impact on organisational leadership, professional communication and wider society. Mind the PR Gap 2022 emphasises the importance of being human to examine and make sense of the real-world implications for practice, research, education, and scholarship of public relations.

Confirmed speakers

Meet Carol Stephenson (PhD)

Carol is Director of Education in the Department of Social Sciences, Northumbria University. A sociologist of work and employment, her research focuses on (a) post-industrial communities, precarity and identity; (b) class and gender inequalities; and (c) aspects of social cohesion and identification. She has practiced, researched, and published widely most recently on aspects of stigma, power, and solidarity in response to anti-open-cast mining activism in the coalfields of rural County Durham. Before entering academia, Carol worked in the trade union sector and in the National Health Service as a researcher.

Meet Simon Collister (PhD)

Simon is an accomplished research and strategy consultant with over fifteen years’ experience helping high-profile global businesses and brands solve complex challenges through insight, creativity, and communications. He is a trusted advisor building strong relationships with clients and setting business vision up to board level to shape strategic growth. His expertise is informed through long-term client engagements delivering high impact work - from energy to logistics; aviation to HNWI; counter-extremism to humanitarian aid. Simon was recently appointed Director of Unlimited Group’s Human Understanding Lab that helps unlock business growth using deep human-powered data and insight.

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