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PR Census 2013


PRCA has published the PR Census 2013, in conjunction with global research house YouGov, which provides the definitive overview of the UK PR industry.

The report provides insights into the demographics of the PR industry, salaries, industry prospects, and much more.
The PR Census 2013 revealed that the UK PR industry is worth £9.62 billion – over £2 billion more than previous figures in 2011. It also estimated that the industry employs around 62,000 employees across consultancies, in-house PR functions and freelancers.
The PR Census uses data from an online survey of over 1,500 PR professionals, combined with information from the first PR Census published in 2011, the PRCA’s benchmarking studies, PRWeek’s 2013 Top 150 PR Consultancies, and Office of National Statistics tables.



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