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Motor Industry Public Affairs Association Group

MIPAA is the world’s largest association of motor industry communicators with over 400 members in the UK and globally. It aims to provide a range of professional support services to help ensure specialist motor industry communicators are able to reflect the highest standards. MIPAA members represent major automotive brands, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, consultancies and other institutions in the UK and overseas. They enjoy access to cost-effective professional development through the MIPAA Business Academy, best practice Leadership Forums as well as a wide network of friendship and business contacts.

MIPAA is highly respected for its expertise in the automotive sector and has long-established relationships with media and other influencers in the industry. A free JobSearch and career support service is offered by MIPAA as part of its objective of raising the profile of careers in this dynamic specialism. MIPAA was founded in 1968 and entered into a long-term alliance with PRCA in October 2010, whilst continuing to operate as an independent organisation, retaining financial and operational autonomy.

MIPAA have a separate membership fee associated with joining £85.

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