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Lindsay Paterson MPRCA


About Lindsay

Lindsay Paterson is a leadership coach with a passion for helping people and their businesses to grow and succeed. Lindsay works with both new and established leaders, helping them to build confidence, drive strategic growth and focus on what really matters for them and the business. She is passionate about people and the business case for investing in their success.  

She started her career as a criminal lawyer before moving into public affairs and now, executive coaching. Her most recent corporate role was COO at Interel, the global public affairs consultancy, where she led on global expansion and integration, as well as innovation in the delivery of public affairs. Other experience includes running major projects for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the European Commission, notably, a significant project to help the countries of central and eastern Europe to join the EU.

She now works with a broad range of leaders of agencies, corporates and charities. She also volunteers with the charities Smartworks and Help Refugees, which focus on getting people into work.