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Angie Vaux MPRCA

About Angie

Mindfulness is increasingly being recognised as being key to improving workplace performance, helping employees become happier and more engaged, boosting creativity, and improving productivity and overall wellbeing.

In our current working environments, employees are often required to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously - this continuous partial attention can increase stress levels, leading to mental health-related absences and burnout. Mindfulness can help employees manage stress, develop resilience, and ultimately become more productive.

Founder and CEO, Angie Vaux understands only too well the pressures of corporate life, having run business units of multinational PR and tech companies such as Cision, SAP and TripAdvisor. Mindfulness helped her to lead and engage more effectively, stay calm and focused, and ultimately to manage the pressures of being an international business woman.

Now Angie helps organisations and individuals through OutsideIN Performance to maximise their performance by living and working mindfully.

Angie has studied mindfulness under the guidance of a former buddhist monk and holds certifications in mindfulness, yoga, theta healing and coaching.