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Critical Coaching

We recognise that this is an exceptionally challenging time for leaders in the PR and PA industries. To support our members who are leading businesses during this time of unprecedented disruption, PRCA is offering access to coaching with senior members of the profession who have direct experience of running agencies or working in the industry at a senior level themselves.

Coaching sessions will be compelted via online video (eg skype, zoom) for a duration based on your own particular needs. 

About this coaching programme

We have carefully selected the following coaches to support you during this time. To guide you through each of the critical business skills needed to navigate these challenging times. You can choose all the areas or just the areas you wish to work on. The coaching is priced hourly and you can set the number of hours with your coaches. Discount on the hourly fee is available for coaching bookings of multiple hours. 

Lindsay Paterson - Leadership

In times of crisis and disruption, leadership really matters. Teams look to their bosses and managers to deliver a sense of safety and security, as well as vision and day-to-day motivation and encouragement. But leaders can feel just as much stress in a challenging situation as their teams. More particularly, they often have no-one to offload to, stress-test ideas with or to help to keep them on track.  With many years of C-Suite and leadership experience, as well as a formal executive coaching qualification, Lindsay is well-placed to provide that support in a confidential environment and with a practical, supportive focus. 

Emma Ewing - Client management + Decision making

Emma regularly coaches comms people at every level, from Account Managers and Press Officers to Comms Directors and Agency Founders and everyone in between. Many of her clients work with her on leadership or team management skills and issues, career development or client handling. At the heart of what she offers is a sounding board for people to ‘hear themselves think’ about decisions and situations, develop confidence and take action with clarity

 Jane Fordham - Resilience

Perpetual change and ambiguity has been the new normal for a few years now in the corporate world, in fact, society at large. Never has this been more true that in this unprecedented era of Covid-19. This coaching programme will take adopt a razor-sharp focus on how to adapt to maximise your own resilience and wellbeing to enhance your ability to lead through this crisis. It will set you up for stronger, more trusting and more human relationships, a more engaged team for the coming months when life returns to (a new) normal;

  • The best leadership is built upon a foundation of self-awareness and a knowledge of your own emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Boost your leadership skills for the immediate hurdles ahead and, build a blueprint for long-term resilience and wellbeing of yourself and your team 

Self-knowledge, EQ and wellbeing in a leader’s toolkit drives impactful communications, an ability to influence, engage and inspire a team, indeed all stakeholders. Coachees will have the chance to complete an online workplace behaviour self-assessment, and, or an emotional intelligence profile (£175 or £200 respectively) as a basis for these coaching sessions.

Alison Clarke - Finance & Strategy

Alison has more than 25 years' experience working with some of the world's best known global corporations advising on reputation, effective implementation of multi-market strategies, CEO counsel and crisis and issues management. Following a successful UK consultancy career, she was appointed CEO of Weber Shandwick Asia PAcific where she was responsibe for 12 markets across the region. Alison then joined Huntsworth PCS as Business Development Director followed by four years as CEO of Grayling UKI. She now runs her own consulting business worknig as NED, Board Advisor, and mentor to a range of companies helping them grow and develop a more successful and profitable business. Alison is a Fellow and former Chairman of the PRCA and a Fellow and Former President of the CIPR. She is currently Chairman of the PRCA CPD board and is the UK representative on the global ICCO board. Alison was awarded the prestigious PRCA Mark Mellor Award in 2017 for outstanding contribution to the PR and Comms industry.