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Bespoke Training

Any of the courses we offer can be tailored to meet your specific needs on a date and at a location that is convenient for you.

Alternatively, if you have a specific training requirement not already covered by us we are happy to design a course for you using our extensive pool of highly experienced trainers.
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Benefits of Bespoke Training

Tailored Content
Work directly with the trainer to develop a course that exactly meets your team’s requirements, no matter how specific they might be.

The in-house nature of bespoke training means your team can talk frankly and openly about specific sensitive problems you face. Bespoke training gives you and your team an open dialogue with your trainer, both before, and up to six months after your session takes place. 

Hold the course at a convenient time or when you need it. Spread the training over a series of shorter intensive courses or longer sessions.

Save time and money 
Bringing a course in-house not only reduces the cost per delegate but also saves on travel expenses and time away from the office.

For more information on Bespoke Training, contact the training team at or 0207 233 6026. 


 "With time carved out of my quarterly Marketing and Communications leadership team meeting, Andrew discussed the current AI landscape, the background of the technology.  and the tools available. The team were engaged throughout the presentation, which was pitched at a level which allowed my team to delve into the details, answer their questions and leave them excited by the opportunities of AI, rather than the threat of the unknown. I would highly recommend this training, and I am already considering inviting Andrew back in six months, to discuss what we’ve achieved since the first session and learn about how the AI landscape continues to move at pace."

James Banks, AECOM, An Introduction to AI in PR & Communications