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Post-Pandemic Creativity

Delivered by Andy Green MPRCA 


The pandemic disruption has tested you and your team’s resilience, and ability to innovate and adapt.

The good news is the disruption has forced you to either adopt new ways of doing or adapt faster.

You now have a chance to fully exploit the new opportunities in the post-pandemic world, but only if you listen smartly, and listen harder to seize the full potential of your experiences, combined with new tools, along with new ways of being creatively smarter.

A new programme, Post-Pandemic Creativity, is specially designed for communications and public relations teams to go forward with greater confidence, be better equipped and be more creatively savvier to succeed in these extraordinary times.    

Get great ideas under pressure, breakthrough insights, big multi-channel ideas to give you the competitive edge as well as enjoy a great team-building opportunity.

Post Pandemic Creativity works by:

1.      - Getting you and your teams to be smarter on creative fundamentals. Know about core mechanics that make creative, agile and flexible thinking happen that feeds better problem diagnosis, goal setting and strategies and solving, idea nurturing and evaluation that delivers results.

2.      - Know your own creative and collaborative personality profile to manage yourself and others better and improve mindfulness and purposefulness. Become better ‘creative listeners’ to spot the opportunities you could be in danger of missing.

3.       - Optimise collaborative working to get the best out of your team, partnerships and networks Make conversations work harder, make them more purposeful and build you listening, connecting and doing skills.

4.      - Use the new Listen:Connect:Do model that provides a quick and easy way to transform creative performance. Equip yourself with a better Creative Toolkit with new Post-Pandemic-friendly ways of doing, collaborating and team working to deliver creativity either remotely or in blended teams.

5.     - Create a new vision and sense of purpose - the rocket fuel to inject greater meaning and purposefulness in what you  do to drive you through difficult times and overcome major obstacles


The programme features an Action Learning methodology that uses your real-world live challenges to provide the raw material for learning and development. As a result, Action Learning instantly bridges the divide between learning new skills and applying them to work, while also eliminating downtime, as you will be leaning while working on live work tasks.

Session includes pre and post workshop 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions with participants to ensure the content is tailored to meet your specific needs and the new learning and tools are embedded in your on-going work.

Get in touch now to discover how Creativity in Lockdown enable you to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities.