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Attracting next generation PRs - are you doing your part?


A Word From Our Chairman In The South West…

It’s Open Day season and as universities across the world open their doors to potential new students it got me thinking about the need for PR to do the same. How much do school leavers, college finishers and university graduates really know about the world of PR? Are we doing our part in raising awareness and educating the next generation on what PR can offer as in incredibly varied and challenging career?

In short, I think the answer is no. I recently attended a PRCA Census event in Bristol and education on PR as a career was a heated part of the debate. Many in the room felt strongly that so much more needed to be done, particularly within schools. But how can we expect teachers and careers advisors to pass on insight into what is a rapidly changing industry if we ourselves are not supporting them with the right information.

We all have a role to play in engaging our local education and business community not only on what PR today actually is but also the amazing digital, communication or client service skills you develop in the role to name but a few.

We could do well as in industry to look to the competitive higher education sector which has become increasingly marketized. Open our doors, get out into schools, encourage new team members to blog about their experience in the job, speak out in our local media and social channels about what it’s really like to be working in the exciting and every changing PR industry.

We all know the war for talent is rife as we strive to attract and retain the brightest and best people, but we need to stop our short-term thinking and look beyond the next few years to the future of our industry.

Let’s make PR in the top ten of those ‘most in demand’ and ‘best in career’ lists. It’s time to stand up and join together as an industry to demystify and celebrate what I believe to be one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding careers out there.