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Change Communications – Planning Internal Programmes

How attendees will benefit
The aim of the workshop is to provide some practical tools to help plan change programs as well as equip delegates with some core concepts that will ensure they can offer strategic advice and counsel. 

Who should attend?
Communication leaders in-house and from consultancies, who support change and transformation. In particular the day should interest people who want to develop programmes that have a lasting impact on their own or clients organisations.

What attendees will learn

  • The difference between change and transformation
  • The change comms consulting cycle
  • The five roles of communication in change....
  • …and the tools that work at each point
  • Involving line managers in change
  • How our role is wider than just pure ‘communication’ during change
  • What data and evaluation approaches work.
  • How to pitch a change communication programme to colleagues and prospective clients

Attendees will receive comprehensive presentation slides.

About the trainer
Liam FitzPatrick is an acknowledged authority on change communications having delivered complex programs around the world and in a range of sectors.  His experience includes crises, strategic change and rebranding campaigns as well as projects around outsourcing, quality and safety.

Liam FitzPatrick’s career spans in-house and consultancy and includes external and internal communications.  Over time he has become fascinated by the role that communication plays in transforming the fortunes of organisations .
He currently runs Working Communications Strategies, a specialist consultancy that helps clients around the world discuss change with their employees.  Recent clients include a pharmaceutical multinational aiming to improve manufacturing quality, an oil company launching a new corporate strategy and an international aid agency improving the performance of its managers. 
As well as advising on change he helps communication leaders understand how to improve the effectiveness of their teams and processes.
Liam has led teams in-house and in major UK agencies.
He is the co-author of the definitive textbook Internal Communication: a manual for practitioners and has a long history as a writer and teacher in the profession.

Training philosophy
“Ours is a practical profession so my work is about helping practitioners find real solutions to every day problems.  Crucially, I believe that the trainer doesn’t have the monopoly of wisdom and courses are much more impactful when I can get everyone sharing their insights as well as their issues.”

Change communications.