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Lauren brings a burst of energy and support to the office, and coupled with her enthusiasm to learn, she has had a positive impact on the business. Lauren works on our PR for Babel team which works to create brand awareness for Babel as an agency, through social media, company updates and thought leadership programmes. This initiative has really helped to create awareness for Babel as an agency, and Lauren has been involved in the social media aspects of the account, along with organising podcasts, webinars and thought leadership activity which has all had a positive impact on Babel as a business.

Jenny Mowat, Managing Director, Babel PR

As a manager, it's been a really rewarding experience seeing our aspiring apprentices integrate and immerse themselves into the team and life in a communications role. Seeing first-hand the value that on-the-job experience is bringing to both their professional growth and personal development while they learn has been highly stimulating for us both.

Verity Nacer, Director, Digital & Insights Practice – Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting

Our PR apprentice has been a real asset to our small communications team, bringing into our planning and practice some of the latest industry thinking as well as some great insights into how to leverage existing platforms and technologies to support our work.

Tamzin Caffrey, Head of Communications, EngineeringUK

Bhagwant Sandhu joined us as a Digital Comms Apprentice in June 2021, and since then has become a permanent member of the team. Working in PR, you often get bogged down in the day to day and ‘traditional’ tactics (a LinkedIn post, a press release etc) but bringing in a young, fresh perspective from someone who has recently been immersed in relevant training is highly beneficial to the business.

It has also been very rewarding, nurturing Bhagwant in his ‘on-the-job’ deliverables, whilst supporting him in progressing with his ‘off-the-job’ diploma as well. Watching him grow and witnessing the two streams of work significantly complementing each other is a delight.

My main bit of advice to any employer considering hiring an apprentice would be to DO IT! You won’t regret it.

Poppy Newton, Senior Digital Consultant, Hanover Communications

We run several apprentice schemes and our PR apprentices are always positive, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. It is the best way for our business to grow with quality talent and we expect to take on new PR apprentices regularly for the foreseeable future. 

Lucia Barbato, CEO, Ilex Content Strategies

In 2020 we worked with the PRCA to hire a very talented apprentice, Hennie, into our Communications Office. Throughout the onboarding process and during the apprenticeship itself, the PRCA were very supportive and Hennie successfully achieved a Distinction. The apprenticeship model allowed Hennie to work across different teams, providing support for many workstreams and initiatives, whilst learning at the same time. The combination of in-house experience and the PRCA’s online learning modules enabled Hennie to learn a lot in a short space of time. This was a really positive process.

Lucy Greaves, Senior Internal Communications Officer, House of Lords

When FINN Partners set out to recruit an apprentice in Autumn 2020, we could not have dreamed of how happy we would be with our selected candidate. Charged with an objective of helping a diverse, young person enter the PR and communications industry, PRCA’s apprentice recruitment service was instrumental in delivering a slate of competitive candidates for us to interview and consider for the role. Throughout her 18 months with the agency, our apprentice went from strength to strength and success to success. She learned so much by working across all practices within our agency, while at the same time learning about the PR industry through a rigorous training plan provided by PRCA. She’s now completed her coursework and apprenticeship and we’re pleased to be keeping her with us in a full-time role. We’ll certainly consider participating in this programme again.

Greg Diamond, HR Manager, FINN Partners

We have run an apprentice programme for a couple of years, but Steph was our first PR apprentice. She applied after seeing the ad in a PRCA newsletter. She has been a great addition to Ilex. Her positive, can-do attitude and bubbly personality has meant that she has had a lot of experience over the course of her apprenticeship and comfortably liaises with clients all over the world. She has consistently kept on top of her studies and produced portfolio work to a high standard. We very much look forward to welcoming Steph as a permanent member of the team once she completes her apprenticeship this summer. If we could get another PR apprentice like Steph, we’d snap them up tomorrow! 

Lucia Barbato, Director & Co-Founder, Ilex Content

Consumer & Hospitality said: 


Bringing an apprentice into the team has brought an injection of new energy and insights into our consumer and hospitality team. She has been able to support our junior team with client and agency work so that individuals gain additional development opportunities and experience.  

Nicola Carroll, Associate Director, Speed Communications

Business & Corporate said: 


Our apprentice has made a huge contribution to the Business & Corporate team already! From securing some amazing print coverage in The Times, to supporting the team with excellent copywriting and media relations - it is great having someone there as a helping pair of hands, who is so enthusiastic and eager to learn the ins and outs of our business.  

Lydia Eden, Account Director, Speed Communications