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About the Public Affairs Board

The Public Affairs Board is the voice of the public affairs and lobbying industry.

The Public Affairs Board is the new, unified body for the industry and will fulfil its role of ensuring transparency through a joint register; enforce high standards through a unified Public Affairs Code; and promote a wider understanding of public affairs and the contribution it makes to public life.

The Public Affairs Board came into effect Thursday, 1st November, 2018 following consultation and a vote to merge the APPC and the Public Affairs and Lobbying Group of the PRCA. The reputation of lobbying has been transformed by self-regulation, professionalism, and ethical standards, and the Public Affairs Board is professional resourced by the PRCA while building on the work of the APPC. As the voice of public affairs, the Public Affairs Board defends the principles of transparency and ethical standards and promotes the industry in dialogue with Government, political parties, and the media.

The Public Affairs Register microsite can be viewed here. The latest document (from our meeting with the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists) can be viewed here. Our publications can be found here.

Sign up to the PRCA Public Affairs Board newsletter here.