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Career and CV Coaching one to one

In this one-on-one Career and CV coaching session, Justin will help you explore the world of careers in three key stages. 


  1. Understanding the career landscape 

  1. Knowing yourself better to find the right career for you  

  1. Gaining the skills behind CV writing, successful job interviews and targeted job searches 


Understanding the career landscape 

In this stage we will look at the broad career market as it emerges from the effects of COVID-19.  We will explore the future of work and identify which sectors and roles are thriving and growing and which are struggling and disappearing. 


Knowing yourself better to find the right career for you 

successful career is built on enjoyment, interest and fulfilment.  If you are not in a role that suits you then the chances are you will not enjoy it and it will not be a success.  In this coaching we will look at how you go about exploring your valuesstrengths and interests to establish your work identityWe will then look at how you match that identity to a career. 


CVs, Job interviews and Job searching 

The art of finding and a securing a job lies in a well written CV, good interview technique and knowing where to find those often-unadvertised vacancies. Advice, insights and tips will be given for each area with a view to helping you stand out from the competition. 


Coachees will come away with: 


  • An overview of the careers market, the sectors and roles within it and an insight into what the future of work and jobs will look like as technology exerts more and more influence. 

       An increased level of self-awareness in relation to career matching, a clearer understanding of personal strengths, interests and skills. 

       The understanding of how to write a CV to impress employers, key job interview techniques, and tips for a successful job search. 


 What materials will coachees receive? 


  • A comprehensive list of industry sectors and the roles within them 

       A collation of expert opinion and predictions on the future of work 

       Personality, values and strengths questionnaires 

       A career path worksheet to help decide the destination and plot the journey 

       Three sample CV templates 

       List of the most common interview questions with suggested answers 


 Trainer: Justin Kent