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PR and Communications Council

Where to Find Us

7-8 Stratford Place

The PR and Communications Council provides a formal mechanism to consult with the industry's most senior practitioners on the issues PR and communications faces; to act as a think-tank for the industry; to inform the PRCA's strategic priorities; and to produce helpful commentary, advice and best-practice guidance for PR and communications professionals.

PR and Communications Council Officers

Chairs of PRCA Groups

Name Organisation
Afolabi Adio CMPRCA
Ruth Allchurch FPRCA WE Communications
Daniel Andrews CMPRCA The Tree
Monika Boudova CMPRCA
Marcus Chrysostomou CMPRCA London Borough of Havering
Paul Church Connect
Will Cook CMPRCA Harvard
Katie de Cozar CMPRCA CCgroup
Eamon Deeny CMPRCA
Rebecca Donnelly CMPRCA TYTO Public Relations
Oliver Druttman CMPRCA Zeno London
Annabel Dunstan CMPRCA Question and Retain
Bron Eames CMPRCA Bron Eames Consulting
Hannah Fisher CMPRCA The BIG Partnership
Liam Fitzpatrick CMPRCA
Daniela Flores CMPRCA
Simon Francis CMPRCA Campaign Collective
Chloe Franses CMPRCA
Stuart Fyfe CMPRCA Tourism Australia
Richard Gerrard CMPRCA
Harpreet Gill CMPRCA
Ben Girdlestone CMPRCA
Sadie Groom CMPRCA Bubble Agency
Caroline Gruen CMPRCA Milk & Honey PR
Matthew Hare-Scott CMPRCA Porter Novelli
Bibi Hilton CMPRCA Golin
Adam Honeysett-Watts CMPRCA
Angela Hughes CMPRCA Clark
Kat Jackson CMPRCA Franklin Rae
Eleanor Kramers CMPRCA FTI Consulting
Candace Kuss CMPRCA
Marcia La-Rose FPRCA Four Agency Worldwide Ltd
Rax Lakhani
Anouska Leon CMPRCA Richmond & Towers
Gillian Lock CMPRCA
Shayoni Lynn FPRCA Lynn Group
Frank Marr CMPRCA AM+A Marketing & Media Relations
Kuldeep Mehmi CMPRCA
George Morris Seers CMPRCA FTI Consulting
Nadia Nizar CMPRCA Resonance
Joan Oconnor CMPRCA Coca-Cola
Lauren Payne-McLeod CMPRCA Fight or Flight
Kelly Pepworth FPRCA Speed Communications
Laura Petty CMPRCA Richmond University
Ottilie Ratcliffe CMPRCA
Ishtar Schneider Mars Incorporated
Daniel Stainsby CMPRCA markettiers
Richard Stephenson CMPRCA
James Stibbs CMPRCA Illumination
Katie Traxton CMPRCA WeAreFearless
Carrie-Ann Wade CMPRCA
Rebecca Wagstaffe CMPRCA Zeno London
Thom Watt Weber Shandwick
Alice Weightman CMPRCA The Work Crowd
Danny Whatmough CMPRCA Red Consultancy
Paul Williamson CMPRCA Realia Marketing
Claire Williamson CMPRCA Resonance

For further information about the PR Council, please contact Koray Camgoz.