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To find out more about the PRCA's campaigning role, contact Louise Whatham

The PRCA takes pride in its role of campaigning to improve standards, representing the value of the PR and communications industry, and defending its rights. Here are some of the key issues on which the PRCA has focused.

Backing Business

We launched the #30days campaign, calling on client organisations to pay their agencies within 30 days.

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Better Internships

The PRCA is committed to making sure that every intern gets a paid, meaningful internship, which is accessible to all. Find out how we've fought for this.

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Charity Campaigning

We backed third parties who help charities engage with government during the Hodgson Review of Third Party Campaigning.

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Freedom of Information

We represented the UK PR and Communications industry during the reviews of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 by the Labour Party and the Independent Commission.

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Content Licensing

By defending PR from content licensing organisations like the NLA and CLA, we have saved the industry millions.


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Diversity in the PR Industry

We continue to strive to provide equal access to alll to the PR and communications industry, as that is the only way we can communicate effectively with our publics.

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The Economics of Reputation

The PRCA's Economics of Reputation work is aimed at developing understanding about the real value of reputation to all organisations.

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The Public Affairs Industry

We continue to defend the reputation of the public affairs industry, while improving standards within it.

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