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PRCA Masterclasses


PRCA Masterclasses are a great way to develop your skills, and reach the next stage of your career. 

Join us for 1-2 days of intensive learning, covering topics such as Crisis Management, Digital, Mental Health & Resilience, and Talent.

Each masterclass is uniquely curated by expert trainers, with a day on theory-based skills, and the second day on practical applications. You will be put to the test along with other professionals to ensure that you leave with well-rounded knowledge, as well as new tips and tricks to propel yourself. 

“The Digital Masterclass gave me a very structured overview of ways that I can improve my digital skills and awareness. It also helped me to better advise my clients. I was introduced to loads of new channels, platforms, and ways of working that I can actually use in practice.” - Jessica Wilkinson MPRCA, Account Manager, M&F Health.

Winning The War for Talent Masterclass: From Brand Building to Optimising Your Recruitment

This new, one-day masterclass will give you the tools to examine your current talent position, the space to challenge your approach and the strategies to optimise your future. 

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Digital Masterclass

This two-day intensive seminar is designed to equip account executives / managers in agencies or PR teams to handle digital PR and communications professionally.

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Crisis Management Masterclass

This two-day intensive seminar is designed to equip senior managers in agencies or PR teams to handle crises professionally. Day Two features a live crsis simulation to put your knowledge to the test. 

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Self-Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience Masterclass

This new practical and highly interactive masterclass will super-charge your performance and deliver a personalised blueprint for the long-term resilience and wellbeing of yourself and your team.

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