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Senior Leader Career Development


 This 1:1 coaching programme helps senior team members and aspiring leaders identify and remove barriers to success for enhanced individual performance, business contribution and career advancement.


Why invest in a 1:1 coaching programme?

 Barriers to success are typically associated with personal beliefs around what’s possible or permissible, or a fear of failing. Personalised coaching tackles the challenges as they are experienced by the individual, providing tools and techniques to help them effectively navigate or remove road blocks.


How it works

 Tailored to the individual, this programme delivers a mix of coaching and practical skills training through six one-hour sessions.

 The individual’s personal development plan and KPIs will be discussed with the employer and a meeting with the individual will be scheduled to understand and frame the challenges to be tackled and the skills to be developed. The subsequent six coaching sessions will be personalised according to this input.  

 From the perspective of those coached, the challenges covered might include but are not limited to:


·        Managing for profit and reducing over-service

·        Managing difficult clients or staff members for mutual success

·        Building confidence working with board-level executives

·        Up-levelling presentation skills

·        Successfully delegating to those more junior

·        Working effectively with an American HQ or parent company

·        Determining a specialisation and working towards it

·        Effectively managing upwards

·        Dealing with and managing change

·        Effectively managing stress and anxiety


Measurement and confidentiality

 Qualitative and quantitative programme measurement criteria and confidentiality levels will be agreed with the employer and individual before coaching sessions begin.


How participants will benefit

·        Personally tailored coaching

·        Personalised tools and techniques to help dissect and dissolve the challenges that stand in the way of personal development and organisational contribution

·        Long-term career path planning and activation


Who should attend

·        Agency: Senior Account Manager and above

·        In-house: PR Manager and above