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Andy Green CMPRCA


About Andy

Andy Green is a leading international expert in brand story and creativity, and founder of storytelling training consultancy Story Stars Here. Andy is the author of 7 books on brand communications which have been translated into 8 languages. He has trained over 5,000 professionals in brand communications. Andy enjoys a portfolio career spanning being an Associate with four PR and ecommerce agencies across the UK, university lecturing, conference and motivational speaker (where he teaches pessimism can be your best friend), and is founder of a social enterprise tackling the crisis in the decline of Social Capital in our society. He has lectured and run workshops in every Continent on the planet except for South America. Andy is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Andy is a judge on five industry awards schemes. He has an interest in memes where he created the Blue Monday meme to demonstrate how you can turn the most depressing day of the year into a positive opportunity, as well as Twixtmas - celebrating the 5 days between the Christmas and the New Year holidays as a time for doing social good. A real-life Gavin and Stacey, being born in London’s East End but now living with his Barry-born wife on Barry Island.

Training Theory

‘No one has time for training’. I get around this by giving you the option to work on your live work challenges in our sessions. Here, I act as a trainer-coach-mentor to enable you to find new solutions coupled with your gaining new skills, tools and personal development. I’m passionate about making training transferable to workplace, creating sustainable habits and practices, with easy-to-use tools and processes. I also prove that A-ha is close to Ha ha.


Andy is a Brand Story, Corporate Narrative and Brand Archetype expert. He developed the first training in the PR industry on how to create and manage memes. He also runs strategic awaydays on Brand and Brand Story. Andy’s book ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ is the seminal text on the subject, translated into seven languages. Andy provides Creative thinking skills, creative mindfulness training even running creativity training sessions on the London Underground to demonstrate how your journey to and from work is the richest part of the day for creative inspiration. A highly experienced award-winning PR practitioner where he delivers training, mentoring and workshops on PR Strategy, Crisis Management and Content Marketing. He is pioneering how Social Capital is a key dimension to public relations theory and doing, and essential for collaborative skills development. He has created new training and development tools for building Social capital in communities.