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PRCA Diploma: Integrated Communications Management

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 tarts: Monday, 1st March, 2021

Length: 6 months


Member:  £2200 + vat 
Non-member:  £2600 + vat

The PRCA Diploma in Integrated Communication brings together critical aspects of contemporary communication management to enable practitioners to integrate plans and campaigns in more effective ways. It includes a thorough exploration of the demands placed on organisations by consumers, stakeholders and society and the ways that leaders respond and act in ways that maintain trust and enhance reputations.

The course considers practical challenges and conceptual underpinnings relating to integrated communication management in fast moving and dynamic situations and markets. It focuses on the best ways to bring distinct communication management disciplines together. This incorporates stakeholder and influencer identification and management, storytelling, channel management, communication planning and measurement.

Qualification objectives
Successful candidates will be able to:

1.   1) Understand the environment in which the organisation operates, with specific focus on:

 - Brand and Reputation: the difference between both, how they are developed and managed

- Purpose: contemporary thinking around the role of purpose in organisations and links to brand and reputation


2.  2) Use insights to inform planning

Research methodologies: selecting the right methodology, how to interpret research

-Tools and techniques: good practice for the use of different research methods including surveys, focus groups, interviews. How to interpret research including sentiment analysis. Research ethics.


3) Plan integrated campaigns, understanding stakeholders and selecting channels

Paid advertising: how the industry works, setting objectives, budgeting, creativity in advertising, ethics in advertising

- Digital – paid and shared: SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC), working with influencers

- Stakeholders: public affairs, financial, internal: explanation of each discipline, channels, controls/regulation and ethics

Press/media: what makes news, the news agenda, industry structure

Content creation: storytelling techniques, creativity


4) Measurement and evaluation

Tools and techniques: Association of the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) frameworks, interpreting data

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