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Brand and Brand Storytelling

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Classroom based

Join the market leaders who understand how to use ‘Brand’ and ‘Brand Story’ as a new way of thinking and to revolutionise the impact and results of any PR activity and your writing. Every brand has a story to tell. You can tell yours better to achieve a competitive advantage. Transform your communications by understanding how Brand and Brand Storytelling works to make communications be more distinctive, compelling and authentic. It shows how to deliver Big Multi Channel Ideas, in your news stories and social media campaigns. The course develops your craft as a Brand Storyteller and how to create Brand Platforms to create harder working Content Marketing programmes. PR people have been telling and writing stories for years - but for the most part they have been churning out ‘immediate news stories’. Now, more than ever, you need to deliver more: Brand + Brand Stories + Brand Platforms = Outstanding Results

Course Objectives: 

Instead of approaching a PR brief by asking ‘what stories are there?' you will learn to ask 'what is your Brand?': How is it perceived by other people? What are the key elements that define our Brand? and what can we do to make it more iconic and live its values? You will also learn about key techniques and skills in Brand Story-telling. Unearth the touchstone to your mission - the ‘Big Story Idea’ at the heart of your next outstanding communication. It is what can make your message irresistible. You will also learn the power of Brand Platforms - identifying your key themes and issues to make your message as focussed as possible.

Learning Objectives: 

The more compelling your story the more potential for changing awareness, responses, and behaviour. Find out the key skills and tools of trade used by the best Brand storytellers. • The 3 key elements of a Brand • How to discover your Brands Icons or potential Icons • Finding out your Brand Values • Identifying Brand Platforms • What is a ‘Brand story’ • The skeleton of what makes up a Brand Story • 5 key structures to develop and shape your Brand Story • Understand the DNA of your Brand Story • Tools to develop your Brand Story - See more at:


A workbook containing essential tools to enable you to define your brand, along with proven techniques to transform your brand storytelling. A notebook and pen will also be provided. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you are more than welcome to bring it along with you to use throughout the day.