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PRCA Diploma in Change Management and Communication

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Start date: Monday 1st March, 2021

Length: 6 months

Member Price: £2200 + VAT

Non-member Price: £2600 + VAT 


The PRCA Diploma in Change Management and Communication positions internal communication as a critical success component for major change programmes. It includes a thorough exploration of change management frameworks, impact and the project management models used so that internal communication managers can understand the approaches that are most often adopted inside large organisations. This includes systematic approaches to dealing with the transformation of an organisation's goals, processes or technologies and associated changed projects such as restructures, relocations, new work processes and IT system updates or replacements.

The course considers practical challenges and conceptual underpinnings relating to change management in agile and complex organisational settings. It focuses on the best ways to lead people through change, including approaches to communication in various stages of business change management programmes. This incorporates stakeholder identification and management, storytelling, channel management, coaching senior managers, communication planning and outcome measurement.

Qualification objectives

Successful candidates will be able to:

1. Understand key concepts in change management:

  • Waterfall and agile approaches
  • The potential impact of successful business change management
  • The importance of effective business change leadership
  • Stakeholder identification and prioritisation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Issues identification and risk management

 2. Apply communication and engagement models in a change management context and advise senior change programme managers/clients:

  • Communicating and leading people through change (gaining commitment);
  • Listening, authenticity and dialogue;
  • Communication planning and objective setting;
  • Creating the narrative for change management;
  • The transition curve and the psychology of change communication and engagement;
  • Measurement and evaluation of communication outputs and outcomes.

 The online training will be delivered by the PR Academy and the course leader will be Liz Yeomans. 


 “This diploma had exactly the right balance between academic learning and practical application. It’s enabled me to adopt new approaches in the workplace – after many years of leading communications on change and transformation programmes – and has reignited my passion for learning.”

Louise Douglas, Global Communications & Engagement Manager – Cyber Security, Unilever

''I have worked in the communications industry for 10 years and recently gained a role specialising in change comms. Despite having quite a bit of hands-on experience in various roles, I realised that gaining a thorough understanding of change management, and all the theory that sits behind it, would be massively beneficial. I was keen to study this in more detail and was really pleased when I saw the PRCA Diploma in Change Management and Communication advertised as I hadn’t seen anything previously that combined these two disciplines in a single qualification. I’ve still got a few months to go but so far am finding it both useful and insightful, and I’m already applying my learning across my team and organisation.''

Julia Graham, Great Places Housing Group

''I wanted to enhance my skills and qualifications in order to consolidate my change management experience and re-establish myself in the comms market. The PRCA diploma has so far helped me achieve both of these goals, and has provided practical examples and solid theories which I’ve been able to apply in real time in my new role. I’d definitely recommend the course to internal and change communications professionals.''.

Seb Hearmon, Communication and change specialist

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