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Executive Coaching

Get the most out of one-to-one caoching through a monthly porgramme with Theresa Guppy, who will will listen carefully, ask powerful questions, and present observations and alternative perspectives to challenge your thinking. 

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Coaching for Managers

 Through supportive and probing questioning using a process that is all about empowering people to set and achieve new goals, managers will benefit from improved self-confidence and clarity about what steps to take to achieve positive change.

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Coaching for Owners & Stakeholders

Reach the next level of your company’s growth by putting in place effective operational solutions including strong consulting, communications and messaging, brand strategy, and businessness establishment, 

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Coaching for Senior Leaders

Get a tailored, six-week programme with Alison O'Leary, designed to help individuals overcome challenges, enhance performance and business contribution, and support career advancement.

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Team Coaching and Facilitation

Qualified coach Sandra Buckle uses the core principles of coaching to encourage each team member to have their say and find solutions through an open and honest dialogue, resulting in a  concensus view and a clear set of goal-focused actions.

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Critical Coaching

This is an exceptionally challenging time for leaders in the PR and PA industries. PRCA has identified key coaches to develop those key business skills, critical to navigating this disruptive time for your business. Coaching will take place via live online video (eg Skype, Zoom etc). 


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