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Justin Kent MPRCA

About Justin

On graduating Justin joined Scope Communications, which was soon after acquired by Ketchum.  After five years with Ketchum he left to set up Fabric, a recruitment consultancy with a focus on the communications industry across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  Over his two decades in recruitment, which included a number of years spent living in Dubai, Justin coached hundreds of people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds in the personal development areas of career change, performance and leadership.

Amazed at the effect one-on-one coaching could deliver, Justin consolidated his practical experience and skills with an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change.  With business partner Matt Richards, Justin set up Hawksby with a view to offering a personal and scientific approach to learning, development and behavioural change.  Justin now works one-on-one with executives who are looking to build their careers and businesses and with teams aspiring to a higher level of performance

Training Theory

Based on my interviews with literally thousands of people, hundreds of coaching sessions and a scientific study of change, my foundation to training is self-awareness.  Maslow pointed out that what is necessary to change a person is to change his or her awareness of themselves.  This theory is fundamental to change, if we know who we are and more importantly accept who we are then we can develop ourselves at the much deeper behavioural level. 


Particular interest in the behavioural aspect of change and learning in individuals and teams, which builds to a more motivated and purpose led approach both on a personal career and wider organisational level.    

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