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PRCA Career Coaching

Try Career Coaching with Justin Kent MPRCA

Across the globe industry and businesses are suffering in this unique environment, the PR industry is no exception. At the PRCA we recognise the very personal cost that this suffering is having on the jobs and careers of our members.  To help we are offering access to a one-on-one PR tailored career coaching session with qualified coaches with backgrounds in both recruitment and communications.

About this coaching programme

The career coaching programme has been designed for two scenarios:

1.      Redundancy & Job Search

2.      Performing Under Pressure


Redundancy & Job Search

This coaching will cover four key areas.  Working with the psychological impact of redundancy, plotting a career path, building the right CV and online presence and adopting the correct job search processes.   Delivered one-on-one online, the coaching has been condensed from three sessions into a 90-minute programme with the aim of reducing the cost in order to help as many people as possible.

Performing Under Pressure

The pressures people are under in their current roles are unique.  Remote working, online managing and client servicing in a new and demanding marketplace are exerting new stresses and difficulties on everyone of us.  This coaching programme is designed to be an opportunity to talk these issues through and put in place solutions and goals to relieve the pressure and enhance the performance.  Crucially, it provides a safe and confidential space to think and have a conversation that can’t be had with a colleague.  Working one-on-one online, single or multiple sessions can be booked at a reduced rate.

Please contact PRCA Talent and Professional Development Director Souha Khairallah for more information: