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Bring out the brilliant storyteller and communicator within you - The 3 essential skills to transform your Brand and Brand Storytelling


Imagine your stories, or the brands and organisations you promote, being more emotionally engaging, compelling, or inspiring.

Where people want to listen, find out more, and connect with you.

Where you create bigger stories with brio, armed with narratives that work across multi-media channels, creating longer-lasting impacts, with the potential to move mountains rather than just be mundane.

If you’re not harnessing the power of Brand Storytelling, emotionally based narratives, values, or purpose, then your communications are like driving a car in second gear.

Transform what you do, work smarter not harder, discover new techniques, tools, and strategies to make a profound difference to both everyday communications through to delivering potent strategic goals.

Here are three essential Brand Story musts in your work as a communicator:

1.       Tell a deeper story, where you quickly identify what you say, with communications rooted in emotions, values, and purpose. You need to discover and harness quick, easy-to-us tools that enable you to both find the values inherent in the story and how these can be shaped to tell your essential story of ‘how you do what you do’.

But if you don’t understand the significance of values, or how to adeptly identify them, how can you use these formidable assets?

2.       Become a ‘Story Listener’ - when people communicate they unconsciously are using a script, that defines, shapes, and predicts their next moves. If you want to change behaviours or influence people, you first need to identify the scripts they’re using, and then offer them a better one to steer their next steps, to go forward with.

Empowering people with better underlying scripts people to use in guiding their actions is far more powerful than just giving new information, and hope you see the changes you seek.

3.       But if you don’t know what the five core scripts people use, and how to spot them, and how to provide an alternative, how can you use these powerful assets?

Don’t tell stories, live and breathe narratives. Is much of your communications just noise? Or are you connecting with people’s hearts, their bigger missions, the stuff that gets them out of bed, or the fears that wake them at night. Create emotional bridges that cut through the ‘too busy to listen’, ‘it’s not a priority’, or ‘it’s too much of a risk’ objections.

The PRCA ‘Brand and Brand Story’ workshop equips you to transform your communications, writing, and strategic thinking to deliver outstanding results in your work.

It includes providing you with over 10 tools, personalised action learning where you come away with new ideas, insights, and inspirations on your live work projects. You don’t just get training but supporting coaching and mentoring with a workshop and follow up one-to-one session with the course leader, an international expert and author of six books translated into eight languages.

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