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Charting the course to start-up success one turn at a time

I love the Eagles, the rock group that is, and one my favourite songs from their incredible collection of hits is Life In the Fast Lane. If you are working for a start-up no doubt that describes your day-to-day experience. Its high octane, full on not for the faint hearted or for those that don’t have a plan!

I have over 20 years PR and communications experience and have worked for small and large agencies, multi-national brands and small start ups and one thing is the same for all of them. You have to have a plan. When it comes to communications this is as important as any other area of the business. But for many this is the last thing they want to focus on.

I remember planning with some clients taking months, literally months by the time the plan was finalised it was no longer fit for purpose and things had changed so much! The trick is to plan fast, plan well and execute even better. However, planning on the back of an envelope after a few drinks isn’t the answer either.

Then there is the question of where does your start up fit in the market? Not always the easiest of questions to answer but one you have to prepare for as context is everything to you potential customers, partners, investors and key influencers. Having worked with many start-ups I can help you deal with this tricky question.

Following that there is the question of who is your target market? Again not always a simple question to ask either but crucial to everything you are doing.  

I will be running a course entitled Planning/Messaging/Positioning/Targeting for start ups to help you get the tools you need chart the course of your start up one turn at a time and before long you won’t just be in the fast lane but be well ahead of those who didn’t plan!

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About Marc

Marc Duke has over twenty years marketing and communications experience helping businesses grow through generating leads, partnership opportunities and brand awareness by understanding their products/technologies while providing the marketing know-how to reach their customers in a focused and cost effective way.