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Five Strategies to Win the War on Talent

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The ‘war for talent’ has long been cited as being one of the biggest challenges communications leaders face. In 2022 with the post-COVID economic bounce-back, associated reappraisal of life priorities, sky rocketing wage inflation and acute labour shortages, retention and motivation of talent has never been harder nor more business critical.  

If you’re involved in managing teams, finding and retaining talent, there are strategies to employ to get ahead and make hiring who you want, when you want, less of a headache;

1.       Plan ahead

Hiring for someone when you have a desperate need is like food shopping when you’re hungry – you’ll buy anything (or hire anyone) without sound rationale and long-term planning. Avoid hiring mistakes by planning ahead, making sure internal decisionmakers understand the objectives. Running a constant talent pipeline, even when there’s no immediate need, will enable you to make sound decisions and save you from remaining ‘talent starved’.

2.       Understand and promote your offer

It’s very much a candidate-driven market with people typically entertaining multiple options or offers when it comes to crunch time. Understanding and clearly communicating what you can offer your employees (existing and future) will help you hire and retain the right people. Think broadly here, from training and development, company values, culture and leadership, inclusion, flexible working, wellbeing and benefits. So much more than just ‘basic’ salary!

3.       Talk to your suppliers

Lean on partners for expert counsel. Job boards should share user data to help you use them effectively, your recruitment consultants should also advise re candidates’ needs, the current market and provide guidance on recruitment models and solutions based on your needs. Partnering with the right people, in the right way, will give valuable leverage when it comes to promoting your business as an employer of choice.

4.       Review your interview process

The interview process has a huge influence on a candidate’s decision to ‘buy.’ Just as it’s essential for you to assess a candidate, they are equally assessing whether you’re right for them. Clear and efficient communication, fit-for-purpose tasks / assessments, swift processes and two-way conversations all make for a more positive candidate experience.

5.       Attend the PRCA’s July Talent Masterclass

This one day workshop will help you plan and implement an effective hiring strategy; from Employer Value Proposition, to a practical, step-by-step guide to recruitment processes. This discursive and practical session, led by Board Member and Head of People, Jane Fordham, and supported by Alexandra Lewington, Head of PR and Communications recruitment at Reuben Sinclair, will provide you with the framework to go back to your business and start winning the war for talent.

Refining your talent strategy doesn’t happen overnight, it takes planning, grit, involves many variables, and needs constant attention. Support, both internal and external, is key. With 60% of millennials currently open to new job opportunities (according to Gallup), can you afford not to be prioritising retention and seeking to attract the very best new talent?

For more information on the PRCA’s Talent Masterclass, click here or email