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How to be more authentic and ethical by learning about Fake Purpose and Purposewash

You recognise the need to be a champion for authentic purpose and ensuring your people ‘do the right thing’.

So, your sole strategy during Ethics Month is to find out how you can be more authentic, morally sound, and ethical. Wrong.

Instead, like the adage ‘it takes a thief to catch a thief’, highlights how you need to think differently, to get into the shoes and worldview of those unlike you. And devise better, more robust, and flexible responses to manage the negative ethical challenges facing you and your organization.

A more purposeful age invites a greater threat of Fake Purpose and purposewash. This creates the need to be more mindful of malpractice and malevolent behaviours, and the need to grow skills and capability in response.

What do you know about ‘Dark Nudge’ or ‘Dark Sludge’ - where you deliberately make something easier or harder to unethically deter use, limit cost, or exploit?

We will be sharing new insights, tools, and processes for managing the Fake Purpose in your world. Join us to find out about the newly launched Dublin Conversations free ‘Fake Purpose’ Canvas and ‘Do the Right Thing’ tools and free training programme, all designed to kickstart a more purposeful PR and Comms practice.

Join Padraig McKeon, former President of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, and myself for a 30-minute conversation that will make a profound difference to your thinking and doing.

·       Discover where you sit on the purpose spectrumto identify where you are in responding to the idea of ‘Purpose’.

·       Understand how even the most purposeful can innocently or inadvertently stray into doing Fake Purpose or purposewash.

·       Recognise the four key drivers containing twelve different dimensions to Fake Purpose and purposewash

·       Identify the five levels of causewashing

·       Learn how to avoid or disentangle yourself when you inadvertently do Fake Purpose, or are in a deep, bad situation where you feel trapped, unable to say ‘No’, or leave.

Gain greater confidence and capability for managing your responses to Fake Purpose and purposewash. Have the equivalent of a map to identify the scope and depth of Fake Purpose, coupled with a toolkit to respond, repair, and replenish the social fabric of trust, togetherness, and being open to understanding others that Fake Purpose pollutes and destroys.

Can you afford to be vulnerable or fail to do the right thing?

Join us for this free event on 12th September, 12:30 BST, with the PRCA to celebrate Ethics Month.