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My Apprenticeship at Speed #NAW2022

During Sixth form, I never planned to go to University. I thought that I wanted to go straight into a job that I felt passionate about, loved every day and would learn from.

However, things changed, and I decided to do a bachelor’s degree in International Business at The University of Manchester. A student of the pandemic, after only completing one year on campus, I moved back home to Bristol and continued my studies, remotely, which certainly wasn’t what I had planned!

Overall, I felt unfulfilled by my university experience and wanted to hit the ground running in the world of work. It was time to get some real experience.

I discovered Speed by a chance meeting with Laura Murphy, Head of Health and Wellbeing. While talking to me about the world of PR, she spoke to me about the apprenticeship that Speed offered and, having just left university, I decided to apply. And I successful! So, despite having absolutely no experience, I was about to take my first steps into the world of PR as Speed’s latest Consumer & Hospitality PR Apprentice. I was excited to embrace new challenges, experiences and learn new skills.

Fast-forward eight months, I am now studying towards my Level 4 PR Qualification with the PRCA. I work four days at Speed, doing a huge mix of tasks – from influencer and media relations to content creation and working on campaigns for an incredible range of clients including sk:n, Revlon, Hot Tools, Anker, Eufy and Celtic Collections. My fifth day allows me to focus on my apprenticeship study with the PRCA. The course includes webinars, virtual classrooms, and projects, enabling me to learn from a huge number of PR professionals and incorporate study with the real word of PR.

The team I’m surrounded by is better than I could have ever imagined; so supportive and patient, helping me whilst I get to grips with every aspect of PR. This environment makes Speed one of the most successful and dynamic agencies in the country. And whilst learning from, and working alongside such talented and experienced PR professionals, my role is a challenge and an experience in itself, one that I am loving every minute.