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What I learnt from a week in PR

Emma Benson shares her insights from a week of work experience at Richmond & Towers.

When I first got told I was doing work experience for a PR company, I didn't know what to expect. I spoke to friends who did work experience at law firms or other industries and they told me they just sat around all day not doing much, and how boring they found it. So my expectations were low; however, that changed massively.

On my first day, I was anxious upon arrival, however that instantly changed when I met the team. They were all incredibly friendly, including me in meetings and brainstorm sessions; really making me feel like I was one of them.

I was delighted when I was given lots of things to do; for example, I ran around London in search for a certain yoghurt product, helped design Instagram posts for a food client, labelled exclusive photos for a fashion client, and many more interesting things. I was so happy to have a real experience in the PR world, as now it has given me a clearer mind as to what I want to do when I am older; and unlike other professions' work experience, I was able to do things that contributed to their work. The best thing, for me, about the agency I was working in, Richmond & Towers, was how calm the work environment was; the relaxed setting helped me feel at home and boosted my creativity with ideas.

Normally, I don't read the news, but every morning I was in the papers meeting, where we'd pick out interesting stories. Not only was it immensely interesting, but it has also made me more involved in current affairs. I loved getting involved in the brainstorm sessions and pitching my ideas.

Overall it has been the best week and I have loved getting to know the people and also the world of PR.