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When the Dust Settles: How to Get a Job in PR After the Pandemic

Plan and navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic to get into your dream industry.

You have recently graduated and have been looking for employment or you are someone looking to transition into your dream career.

This year certainly took a turn for the worse with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world as we know it, including the job market. The economic climate is in turmoil, jobs are in decline and people are losing their present jobs at an alarming rate.

I am here to tell you that it is possible to make an impact during this time and I am going to detail ways for you to stand out in this competitive job market in this free guide.

What is in this guide?

This guide contains an insight into the current job climate and what I would have done during this time to build my skill set and give me leverage to be equipped and ready for when the pandemic is over.

I reached out to several professionals within my network to share words of encouragement, tips and advice to get through this difficult stage and how to best prepped when we get back to a stage of normality.

This eBook is aimed for graduates looking to get into the PR/Communications industry. However, the tips that I will share are relevant for other industries so you should be able to pick out a few gems to apply to your pursuit.

What you will learn in this free guide:

- Understanding how COVID-19 has affected the industry as a whole

- Pinpointing campaigns from various companies and knowing the good from the bad

- The importance of building a network and utilising platforms such as LinkedIn

- Impressing interviewers with the transferrable skills gained from your hobbies

- How to stand out and persevere during this difficult time


This free eBook was used to help raise money for the charity Black Minds Matter UK, where it raised £311.92. Please note that he fundraiser has officially closed.