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Why I Chose to do an Apprenticeship

Jonah Miti

After spending two years studying business at sixth form college, I was fascinated with the inner workings of businesses and improving my knowledge of marketing and communications. After looking into my options, I wanted to do an apprenticeship rather than attend university as I was keen to gain first-hand experience working in PR and develop my knowledge of the media industry. Being an apprentice at Milk & Honey PR has allowed me to continually learn valuable skills each day.  

Choosing an Apprenticeship as an alternative to University Education 

For quite a while I was unsure if university was right for me. As I wanted to be able to garner experience and insight into PR whilst getting paid. During my final year of sixth form college, many of my friends started to reach out to universities and secure placements. I was cautious and a bit worried about what I would do when school ended, this is when I found out about apprenticeships.  

After conducting research into a lot of different apprenticeships available on the apprenticeship website, the PRCA PR Apprenticeship was the perfect fit. It would provide me with the opportunity to gain knowledge and first-hand experience in marketing and communications. Better still, the format of education in an apprenticeship also aligned with my personal preferred learning format and differed from the University education process. Due to my learning difficulties, I struggle with exam-based education, and the idea of exam-based learning and a three-year course was not something that appealed to me 

Gaining Experience as an Apprentice 

Choosing the apprenticeship route, I felt like it would give me an advantage in starting in this highly competitive industry, as I would qualify with two years real-life experience of writing, dealing with clients and media. 

Being an apprentice has allowed me to enter the PR industry and learn from the professionals around me at a very early stage in my career. The qualifications and the opportunity to work full-time were also key to my decision. As I wanted to be engrossed in a full-time working environment to live the experience of working in a full-time professional environment. 

In conclusion, I chose an apprenticeship as it provided an alternative to university, but more importantly it has provided me with countless new opportunities to learn and develop my skills and knowledge of the PR Industry. The right choice for me!