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Are you Beast or Beauty?


Or, to be precise, do you speak the language of leadership?

Lots of professionals want to build productive partnerships with senior leaders. It is often said that the modern leader has a “T-shaped” profile - lots of depth in one particular area, complemented by decent know-how across the board in other areas.

But how do you speak the language of business to make an impact? Our new PRCA course will give you those skills. You’ll find out about finance and how to translate that knowledge into developing and building relationships with senior leaders in your organization.

Let’s think of the fairytale“Beauty and the Beast”,where a lack of mutual understanding and tolerance initially gets in the way of a fruitful and successful relationship. The power of partnership overcomes initial antipathy. If this sounds like some of your internal relationships – with senior executives or other functions in your organization, then read on.

For many people trying to develop their careers, creating a successful partnership with senior colleagues is a vexing challenge. The dilemma is about how to balance your professional expertise with the other skills require to create a great partnership. 

In this PRCA course you will learn how to make an impact at senior level, and how to talk the language of business.

Developing great partnerships and being taken seriously is more than just being Belle – a beautifully crafted expert. In the fable, Belle succeeds because she relies on more than just her looks; just as the true professional has to rely on more than just technical expertise. In fact, it is rare that your colleagues will judge you on your technical expertise, they’ll focus instead on impact. Can you talk their language?

If you want a seat at the table, or for your CEO or other leaders to invest time in you, then you need to invest in them. Reciprocity: senior business people will only partner with those who understand their business, the money, know how value is created, and demonstrate that they have done their homework. 

This applies whether you are working with the senior executives, or even other functional heads. How can you help them if you don’t make an attempt to understand their world, their challenges, and their operating environment? The Beast is more than just a repellent monster. To create a partnership Belle has to understand his back-story and what drives his behaviour. Then work with him. He, in turn, invests (and overcomes his antipathy) also to discover she is more than just ‘belle’.

Once you have business knowledge, then you need to marry your experience with your business know-how with the help of the priest of consulting and advisory skills. These act as the bridge to get senior leaders to listen to your advice and guidance. These skills are about relationship building, audience analysis, creating trust, influencing skills, and being clear about what you do and how you make a difference.Howyou give advice is just as important aswhatthe advice is.

See you in October!