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The Process In Detail

The recruitment process in more detail

  • The PRCA are able to post the vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service website on the company's behalf.
  • We process all applications, shortlisting using a ranking system where those with the most relevant skills and experience are prioritised.
  • When the vacancy closes, the strongest applicants are invited for an initial interview. This is a series of telephone interviews where the candidates are scored on key skills.
  • After this, we send a shortlist of the strongest candidates to the employer for interview.
  • Interviews are conducted however the employer would like. Some employers choose to do two interviews, set a writing task, etc.
  • Once a candidate is selected, the employer picks a start date and prepares the contract as with any new start.
  • Once the candidate has started, the PRCA enrol them onto the course and assign a mentor who begins setting them work. 

What costs are involved?

  • It is advised that PR Apprentices are paid at least the National Minimum Wage depending on their age.
  • The cost of the training is £9000, fully payable by the apprenticeship levy.
  • Employer contributions to the training costs are dependent on company size and the age of the apprentice(s).
  • Employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy can claim 95% of the training cost to be funded by the government. 
  • The PRCA can advise on this further, including on recruitment costs.

Who applies?

  • Often young people who have completed A-levels or equivalent.
  • Due to the increasing expense of university, more and more bright and ambitious young people are taking this route into work. 
  • Graduates who have chosen to specialise in a different sector/industry.