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Personal Branding


29 Jun 2021




Virtual Classroom



It’s amazing how we all recognise and are seduced by certain brands, identify with purported brand values and will make some important decisions based on the brand itself rather than its performance. Yet many of us don’t even consider ourselves as brands. And if you don’t consider yourself a brand it makes moving around the corporate space and dealing with these challenging times that little bit harder.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: Virtual Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Places available: 8

Places remaining: 8

Trainer: Barbara Phillips FPRCA

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Event Overview

Event Overview

Being self-aware enough to develop all of your ‘best bits’ into a uniquely personal brand, is the key to success in the modern workplace.

How will delegates benefit
Learn about what makes you, you. Discover what it is about you that is brand worthy, and how that translates into mindsets and behaviours to bring you joy and success.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is interested in creating a personal brand as a route to success.

What the workshop will cover

  • Introducing you
  • Your favourite brands
  • Your brand from the inside and the outside
  • Using your personal brand to create success

What materials will attendees receive?
Virtual aids and exercises

What should attendees bring along?
Paper, pen a willingness to be open about who you are