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Heard Mentality

The public relations industry needs a new mindset.

The PRCA and CIPR have been tracking industry mental health and wellbeing for many years and, for the first time, both bodies have come together to launch the Heard Mentality campaign to inspire public relations and communications professionals to take positive action on mental health across the industry.  

We are urging leaders to hold constructive talks with their team members or peers on mental health during the week commencing 13th September and to listen to what the people that make up the industry really want.

Join the 'Heard’ 

1. Organise - or encourage your employer to organise - a face-to-face or online ‘Heard Mentality’ conversation during the week commencing 13th September.  

2. Subscribe below  to register to receive a conversation starter pack and pledge to support the campaign.

3. Pledge your support on social media by sharing this tweet.

4. Prepare for the discussion by considering:

            - how your colleagues are doing 

            - what practical changes can be made in the workplace to support your mental health 

             - your own personal experience of mental health 

Sign up to get involved 

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