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Caroline Coskry CMPRCA

Managing Director
Oracle Group - Epsom

About Caroline

Named one of the UK’s fastest-growing women-led businesses (listed at #17 in the 2015 Fortuna 50 list), accredited by PM David Cameron, and the highest ranking PR firm on the list, Oracle was founded almost ten years ago by Caroline Coskry. Using her knowledge and skills gained over the last 25 years in the industry, Caroline has rapidly developed the company moving from a purely PR business with three members of staff to a full marketing and communications offering with 20 staff.
Caroline's philosophy is that you build your people and then people build the business. Many of those who work at Oracle are experienced Marketing, PR and Design professionals who Caroline has worked with in previous roles at Adventis Group, Think BDW, TTA and Golley Slater.
Passionate about communications, Caroline is keen to create a better understanding and appreciation of the value of PR and by working with the Council hopes to generate greater awareness of its function today and how social media plays a significant role in a communications strategy.

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