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Emma Ewing

About Emma

Emma Ewing is a PR trainer, coach and consultant with a particular interest in communication, people management and personal effectiveness. She advises and trains in a range of organisations in the UK and around the world, meeting PR practitioners from every area of the industry. Before becoming a trainer Emma's career spanned in-house, public sector and latterly high-tech PR in a consultancy environment. She understands the pressures involved in the industry and uses this background to ensure her training is realistic, practical and effective.

Training Theory

“People working in PR need trainers who appreciate what it's like to do the job. My approach combines a love of communication theory with the understanding of what actually works for PR professionals. All my courses are designed to allow delegates to personalise the training so that it is directly relevant to the work they do back at the office. I'm passionate about learning and sharing knowledge and experience, so my PR training is based on plenty of opportunity for discussion, interaction and enjoyment”.


Emma specialises in all aspects of effective communication, motivation and people's behaviour at work. She also has a healthy respect for English grammar and would class herself as a grammar fan rather than a fanatic.