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Joanna Sadie MPRCA

About Joanna

Joanna has 20 years of sales, sales training, consultancy and management experience. Her career started in b2b media sales for an educational publisher before moving to the fast paced and competitive world of newspaper sales, selling initially to media buying agencies and then to clients for The Independent. In 2000, Joanna set up Leapfrog Strategy Consulting Ltd, her own training and consultancy business, and since then she has used her first class expertise to work with a wide variety of corporate and SME businesses, from professional services to marketing services companies. This invaluable experience has led to her training, coaching and managing sales teams, providing strategic sales advice and developing new sales systems and processes all with a clear focus to increase turnover, penetrate new markets and improve sales team performance.

Training Theory

“ I have many strong beliefs about training. Firstly, I am passionate about making sure that any training course I deliver is relevant to my audience and the sales challenges they face. I always aim to find out as much as possible about a client’s business before I embark upon a training course. Secondly, I believe that training should be both fun and interactive and that the exercises should be relevant to delegates and their role and industry. Finally, in order for training to be useful going forwards I ensure that delegates leave with some form of Business Development Plan, which includes a commitment to action following the course."


Joanna Sadie is a specialist in all sales and business development related strategy, skills and techniques. She runs training courses across all types of commercial skills - ranging from Introduction to Sales to Key Account Management and Negotiation skills. She also specialises in running workshops on Sales Planning and Building a Pipeline.