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Sandra Buckle MPRCA


About Sandra

After over 30 years working in PR and communications, Sandra is now a qualified coach, trainer and facilitator. Her passion has always been in people development, and her most recent agency-side role as Director of Talent Development was created in recognition of her expertise in engaging, motivating and getting the best out of people. A massive advocate of the power of coaching in improving workplace performance at both an individual and organisational level, Sandra delivers 1-1 and team coaching, leads Board level strategy days, and advises on change and people management issues. Her PR experience has included inhouse roles in the private, charitable and public sectors, with 15 years at local, regional and national level in the NHS including a Board level role as Director of Communications at the National Patient Safety Agency. Her approach is based on the belief that people will deliver their best if empowered to set and deliver their own goals, within a framework which they have been able to influence.

Training Theory

“I practise what I preach so my workshops are highly interactive, with lots of opportunity for delegates to try out coaching techniques and see what works best for them.I adopt a down-to-earth approach sharing what works for me and why, based on my coach training and first-hand experience of what it’s like working in a frenetic PR team.Delegates leave having set a new goal with next steps action plan and a toolkit enabling them to put their learning into practice as soon as they return to work.


People management and development, coaching.