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Beacon Capital Partners


Linstock provided crisis communications for real estate investment firm Beacon Capital Partners.

Beacon Capital Partners

Property Services

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Agency: Linstock Communications

The Challenge

Beacon Capital Partners is a real estate investment firm focused primarily on office investments. It is invested in high profile skyscrapers across the globe. Buildings of this nature face particular risks from natural disasters or terrorism, and have particular business continuity challenges to overcome. The challenge to Linstock was to ensure that Beacon was fully prepared should a crisis happen, to test Beacon’s response systems and to provide emergency support. 

The Solution

Linstock provides a 24/7 crisis communications advice line so that senior advisers are on hand to support Beacon during a crisis situation. We gather intelligence through our network of criminal justice and emergency response sources so that Beacon is alert to issues on the horizon. We deliver a monthly horizon scan report that reflects on security threat levels and we take part in regular crisis simulation events to test crisis preparedness.

The Results

Timely advice in advance of potential incidents, and careful preparation of communication materials has meant that Beacon’s reputation has remained secure.