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A new Tune hotel in Newcastle? What better way to make some noise than get a lookalike of local favourite Cheryl Cole to pose in a Tune Hotel bed for selfies with fans.....



Friday, December 4, 2015

Agency: Storm Communications Ltd

The Challenge

As part of its ongoing remit to support Tune Hotels UK across traditional PR and social media, Storm was briefed to raise national awareness of the newly opened Tune Newcastle and create a buzz in the area.

The Solution

As its name suggests, Tune Hotels has a strong musical heritage, so to tie in with that and celebrate the city’s musical links Storm set up a stunt with a look-a-like of famous Geordie Cheryl Cole.

A heavily-branded Tune Hotel bed was placed in the centre of a busy Newcastle shopping centre with ‘Cheryl’ tucked up inside. Staged photos were taken by a picture agency and distributed to newspaper and website picture desks, after which passers-by were invited to get in bed with the look-a-like and have their photo taken. These pictures were then uploaded to Tune’s Facebook page and participants were invited to like the Tune page and like, tag or share their photo with their Facebook friends, helping the stunt go viral on Facebook. Tune’s Twitter profile was also used to create wider exposure for the activity.

To support the stunt, Storm also outreached to bloggers to invite them to stay at the newly opened hotel, and approached the national, regional and trade media with a more business-focussed story to create editorial coverage around the opening, offering Tune CEO up for interview where appropriate.

The Results

The campaign resulted in 70 pieces of coverage, including five in national newspapers (Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Daily Express, Financial Times and Daily Star), articles in all local Newcastle newspapers and extensive coverage in the travel and hospitality trade media.

Digitally, the Cheryl look-a-like photos were tagged, shared or liked 210 times, reaching an estimated potential audience in excess of 27,300.