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Why podcast relations need to be a part of your next PR campaign

Podcast media relations has the potential to increase awareness and action for brands who incorporate the medium into their existing broadcast outreach. Weekly podcast listenership has risen from 3.2 million to 5.9 million people between 2013 and 2018[1]. According to podcast consultancy, 4DC, over half (57%) of podcast listeners trust the advice and information given by podcasts and a quarter (26%) have jotted a brand name down after hearing an ad on a podcast[2].

At markettiers, we are leading the charge on incorporating podcast relations with traditional broadcast relations. We’re now offering podcast outreach alongside its existing market leading broadcast media relations programme. This is a first from a UK broadcast specialist agency and reflects the growing popularity of podcasts both for entertainment and news.

We trialled podcast relations alongside broadcast outreach from October to December 2019 and successfully placed over 100 guest slots for a number of brands. Highlights included; the National Lottery on the Sky News Daily podcast, Blue Cross on the Paranormal Pets podcast, World Travel Market on ESPN and Sky Sports podcasts, and dating app Badoo tackling mental health issues on the Black Dog White Swan podcast.

The launch is a testament to the growth of podcast, and the expansion of daily news podcasts, with a commitment from traditional media owners to produce content for a growing portfolio of channels. Major publishers in the US have embraced the trend, such as the New York Times’, The Daily podcast, garnering over 100 million downloads after launch[3].

We are celebrating over 25 years of broadcast media relations. The team has seen the rise of radio, TV and online viewing firsts including the first online livestream with the Prime Minister. Now, it’s radio on-demand’s time to steal the spotlight.

Podcasts have quickly become rooted in people’s listening habits. For us it’s key to remain tuned into how our clients’ audiences are receiving content so brands can find the most relevant route to deliver messages. Adding podcast outreach to our existing broadcast programme means our clients will be ahead of the pack, speaking to their audience on every relevant platform. Podcasts themselves are also hungry for expert voices and engaging content, it’s time for brands to make the most of this monumental opportunity.

Written by Howard Kosky, CEO and founder of leading global broadcast agency, markettiers

Notes to editors

  2. 4DC commissioned proprietary research. The research was conducted by Opinion Matters, with 3,103 respondents (2,003 nonpodcast listeners and 1,100 podcast listeners) aged 16+ in GB between 11.10.19 – 23.10.19.